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Post Pandemic Lockdown
Post Pandemic Lockdown

Post Pandemic Lockdown

It’s been interesting coming out of the pandemic lockdown and restrictions.

Before the pandemic it would be far to say we were fortunate enough to have a fairly active social life.

We would go out on a regular basis. We would go to the cinema most weekends, trips to the theatres every couple of months, visiting houses & gardens and load of other things.

All of that stopped when the pandemic struck and lockdowns where imposed. We struggled with coming to terms with not be able to go out, except for an hour day for exercise but we accepted it.

During lockdown, probaby like everybody else, we all talked about what we would do, the parties, the celebrations and events we have and go to when restrictions were eased.

There was no big bang end to lockdown, but a gentle easing of restrictions and learning to live with Covid-19. So there was no big parties, no celebrations or events we had all talked about.

It has been interesting that several months after the easing of restrictions we are only just only now going back to going out and socialising. As an example, five months after the easing of restrictions we have been to the cinema twice, which is completely different to going once a week pre-pandemic.

We have had a slow return to socialising and going out and I think that’s for a number of reasons:

  • I dont think it’s the fear of catching Covid 19 or any remaining social distancing measures.
  • It’s not a fear of mixing with others
  • The cinemas haven’t had any films that we have wanted to see until recently.
  • There haven’t been any plays that we thought to be we must see that.

I think it is case we have got so used to not going out and with the passing of my father and his funeral we haven’t felt like going out.

I suppose if we have gotten used to not going out, takes a lot of effort and being in the right mind set to actually make the effort to go out.

We are getting there, we went to the cinema to see two films recently and thoroughly enjoyed it and we will start going back again.

I am sure going out to see and do other things will start to happen.

I just find this sort of thinking and mind set interesting.

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