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Testing positive
Testing positive

Testing positive

I have been tucked up in bed for the last 6 days, since I tested positive for Covid. I can only describe having Covid was like a very a bad case of the flu, it knocked me for six and basically confining me to bed for large parts of the day and isn’t not a nice feeling.

Having a bad dose of the flu is bad enough. I just felt totally drained and not really being able to do or feel like anything. Of course I did try for the first few days to the macho thing of keeping trying and carry on working. However, by day 3, I just gave up trying to work. The most sensible thing would to rest and let it take its course.

Fortunately, I have been triple vaccinated. So my symptoms and my suffering were far less than they might have otherwise have been. I dread to think how I would have been without being vaccinated.

A week later and I am still testing positive

I think I am over the worst, and I have what you might describe as having a bad cold. Frustratingly, I am still testing positive.

Still alive and just about still kicking

I still don’t have that much energy and I don’t feel like doing anything but I know things could have been far worse. I am grateful that I have come through this relatively unscathed.

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