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First Impressions of the Tigers New Boots
First Impressions of the Tigers New Boots

First Impressions of the Tigers New Boots

As promised here is an update on my post the other day about switching to Bridgestone AT41’s

Over the course of 3 days I did a total of 260 miles on a mixture of roads, mainly nice curvy flowing twisties but also short lengths of dual carriageway. The weather was mixed from being cloudy and chilly to brilliant sunshine. On the Friday the roads were damp but drying but on the other two days they were dry 🙂🙂

The Positives

The good news they are an improvement on the OEM Tournance Next the GT Pro came with 😀😀😀

With the Tourance Next it felt the tyres were tracking all of the imperfections in the road surface, particularly on worn surface dressed roads. I found that unnerving, particularly in the wet and it took a long time to get used and occasionally it would un-nerve me a bit, particularly when leaning over in the bend in the wet. With the AT41’s you don’t get any of that 😀😀😀, you can still feel the road surface. Going into bends, particularly the tighter ones I didn’t have any issues.

The level of handling feels a lot better, I know that’s subjective. The AT41’s do tend to lean over more quickly than the Tourance Next. Which is absolutely fine, as it is a case of getting to know how these AT41’s handle and perform.

One of my favourite local roads has whole bunch of free flowing curves and I did put the bike into Sports Mode – oh boy did it feel really good 😁😁😁😁😁. I have previously done the same stretch several times on the Touranace Next’s when they were still relatively new, whilst it was enjoyable it was way better with the AT41’s and far bigger grins when I go to the end.

The Negative

One negative, for the moment and several reviewers picked up on this. Between 60mph and 70mph there s a high pitched whine coming from the tyres 😠😠😠 – a bit like you would imagine a screaming banshee would sound like.

The positive from this tyre noise is when it starts its like an audible warning that I am just about to exceed 60mph and I should watch my speed 🤔🤔

I can see this could become very annoying if on a dual carriageway/motorway doing between 60-70mph but good earplugs and turning up the music does suppress it. Interestingly I did review the dash cam video’s but the tyre noise didn’t seem to be picked up the microphone.

I think the tyre noise did become a bit more subdued as I clocked up the miles but that could just be my imagination. I know several people on here have AT41’s, so I don’t know whether that can add anything more?

Wear and tear over time?

It will be interesting to see how they wear over time and how long they last?

As an experiment I have made a copy of both the front and rear profiles, see below, to see how the tyres wear over time,


Overall I am really impressed with the AT41’s in terms of their performance and handling etc, even taking into account the tyre noise which hopefully will disappear with time.

I do need to do a bit work in finding tighter right and left hand bends to reduce the width of the “chicken strips” and remove the remaining rubber spikes from the manufacturing process. I might be able to achieve during the Welsh National Rally. 🤣🤣🤣,

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