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New Boots for the Tiger
New Boots for the Tiger

New Boots for the Tiger

Today I had a set of Bridgestone AT41’s fitted to my 1200 GT Pro.

The OEM Tourance Next had done approximately 5700 miles and although they had plenty of tread left the front was beginning to feel like a pryamid and the rear was squaring off rather rapidly.

With the Welsh National Welsh National Road Rally and a trip to Scotland coming up fairly rapidly I thought I had better change the tryes. To give me a chance to scrub them in and get used to them. So that’s my job for the weekend 😀😀😀😀

As all of my riding is on roads, although some roads do look like off road track at times I was looking for touring road/touring tyre. I had hoped to get a set of Pilot 6’s, as I am a great fan of Pilot’s and have had them since Pilot Road 2’s. Unfortunately Mitchelin do NOT make a Pilot 6 for an 18 inch rear wheel, at the moment.

So after several discussions with the motorcycle tyre dealer I decided to go for the Bridgestone AT41’s. The AT41’s are designed for 80% Road, 20% Off Road and it would appear to be about the best compromise I was going to get. The 20% Off Road bit should deal with the unclassified roads which are more like gravel tracks 🤣🤣

The ride home was interesting, as it was pouring with rain so I couldn’t really start to scrub them in. One thing i did notice is the bike tends leans into bends a lot quicker than I am used to.

It will be interesting to see how I get on with them, so my job for the weekend is start to scrub them in and I know a couple of very good routes which will be ideal for that 😀😀😀😀.

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