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At times I do wonder about people
At times I do wonder about people

At times I do wonder about people

At times I do wonder about people and whether they think about what they are doing 🤔🤔🤔

Yesterday I thought I would take the Tiger out for a short ride. I call into the local petrol station to fill up. There is already a car filling up at pump 1 so I fill up at pump 2.

The vehicle at pump 1 leaves and I am finish filling up, which means I can ride straight out. I am just about to get on the bike to leave when this woman drives pasts me in a White Peugot RV19 EUT and parks at pump 1 to fill up.

I am thinking WTF, how I am supposed to leave?????

So I thought I would have a word with the “Karen” to ask her the question of “how I am expected to leave” She said I am only going to be a few minutes – WTF. So she is assuming I wouldn’t mind waiting, although I was ready go. I did advise here there other pumps she could have used

She then said couldn’t I squeeze past her car and the car at the opposite pump? I said there isn’t enough room. I don’t want to think what would have happended if I had tried and ending up scratching her car??

She wasn’t particularly happy, like her nose had been put of joint and it would appear she couldn’t understand she had done anything wrong and that it was ok for her to whatever she liked regardless of any inconvenience to others.

Anyway in the end she left and drove back round to the entrance to the garage.

As I said I do wonder about people at times 🤔🤔🤔

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