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Who are we to judge others?
Who are we to judge others?

Who are we to judge others?

“We do not have the right to judge others, because we do not really know what they have been through. We would have heard the stories, listened to the gossip, read the press or seen something on social media, but we don’t know their situation, their circumstances or what they have been through or how they are feeling”

So what gives us the right to judge others?

It is very noticeable on all forms of Social Media people are very quick to make a judgement, make comments, mocking people and criticising others based on rumours, gossip, snippets of information or stories in the press or social media. What those rumours, gossip and stories don’t do is give you all the facts and relevant information about the individual, their situation and their circumstances.

Not everybody always has it easy, everybody from time to time will have issues, problems and difficulties. So before making any comments, judging, criticising or mocking others, remember some people are fighting their own battles.

“We do not have the right to judge others, nor does anybody have the right to judge us. Nobody really knows what they or we have been through. We don’t know what they feel and they don’t know how we feel in our heart”

So what gives others the right to judge us?

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