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Life is good(ish)!!!
Life is good(ish)!!!

Life is good(ish)!!!

Well its been nearly couple of months since I stopped working, well actually 1 month, 3 weeks and 2 days, not that I am counting and life is goodish.

What is Good(ish)?

The life, the universe and everything else

Well the good things are I feel more relaxed, less stressed and generally look and feel better. I can pick and choose what I do during the day and it’s surprising how busy my day gets.

I am not having to get up at early O’Clock to get ready for work, and I am not having to deal with the stress of work.

When I take Fudge out for his normal afternoon and evening walk I can do it in daylight hours. It gives us an opportunity to catch up with some of our dog walking friends, which is really nice. As the weather has been so good, we have been able to get out for some reasonably long walks during daylight hours with Fudge. At this time of year it is nice to be out in the countryside and seeing the autumnal colours.

I have started sorting out out stuff, that has accumulated, and either giving it to charity or to the recycling centre. I have to admit it’s a bit stop and start. There is no urgency to it, so I can take my time to sort things out, which is really nice.

The Gym

I have been able to go to the gym three times a week, in addition to seeing my personal trainer. So I am now doing Yoga, Spirit (Yoga/Pilates) and Pilates each week – which is surprising me, given I am not a great fan of gyms.

Although I have only being those classes for a few weeks, I have noticed started to notice an improvement. The improvement has been increased flexibility and strength, particularly in the left hip, the left leg and the mid to upper back – where I suffered life changing injuries.

This is having a positive impact, particularly on long distance dog walking and long all day motorbike rides. The riding position on the new motorbike is slightly different and it has taken a while to get the body used to it. After a long all day ride I would be in significant discomfort/pain, because of the new riding position. However, Yoga, Spirit and Pilates has significantly minimised the discomfort – which is really good and encouraging.

The Motorbike

Given the mild weather this autumn I have been out and about on the motorbike a fair amount. If the weather is looking nice I can just decide to go out, which is rather nice to be able to do. This is an addition to the organised group rides at weekends.

I am really enjoying this bike and I have started planning a number of 4 day trips away next year. The trips will be to Wales and the Yorkshire Dales. Then there is of course Scotland, which will need a lot of trips away.

I am also planning to undertake the Welsh National Motorbike Rally, the Scottish National Rally and possibly a couple of others I will need to be fit for those as they can be rather gruelling, so going to the gym 3 times a week is going to help prepare for those.


I don’t really miss work, the pressure and the stress, but I do miss the interaction with my team and others.

I have been approached by a couple of people about becoming involved with some project work in the New Year, on a part time consultancy basis. From the initial discussions the sort of projects they are involved with look interesting. Discussions are on going and it will be interesting to see what comes of it.

A difference

Having taken the decision to stop working has been a good positive thing.

What has been interesting is difference in social interaction. When I was working there was a lot of social interaction, but now it is different. As most people I know are working I am having to develop a different social circle to have that interaction. Otherwise, there is a danger that I could end up not talking to anybody for the most of day.

So Life is Good(ish)

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