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Cracked an 8 mile walk
Cracked an 8 mile walk

Cracked an 8 mile walk

Yesterday I managed to crack an 8 mile walk 🙂🙂🙂 which is a remarkable achievement.

Admittedly the walk was done in two halves, with coffee and cake in between, well I can’t go for a walk without coffee and cake. But it is still a remarkable achievement.

The other remarkable things were that I wasn’t in any pain or discomfort from my life changing injuries and my average pace was 2.5-2.6mph.

I reached my 5 mile target over the Xmas holidays, with a couple of 6 mile walks. The way things are looking I am on my way to reaching my 10 mile target sometime this year.

It has been a remarkable how far I have come in the last 14 to 15 years. Starting with not being able to walk more than a few steps before having to stop and lay down for the rest of the day due to the intense pain. To being able to walk 8 miles in relative comfort and ease.

I could have got this far with out the help of others – physios, therapists, personal trainers.

Yesterday’s walk was in the lovely Pennine countryside, it was beautiful, peaceful and there was so much wildlife to see. Saw a pair of lapwings dancing in the sky and curlews

For the 10 mile target I will have to make sure Fudge, our cockapoo, has had plenty of training 🙂🙂🙂

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