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Things I have done today, so far…
Things I have done today, so far…

Things I have done today, so far…

Taking Fudge through the Car Wash

Fudge is rather muddy from all of his recent walks and needs a decent bath. However, I didn’t actually get him cleaned in the car wash, he was actually in the car, it was the car that was in a desperate need of a clean. Fudge wasn’t perturbed by all the strange noises or the whirring of the brushes, I think he slept through most of it.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t do the internal valet, so I might have to do that this afternoon.

Recycling Center

Had a very successful trip to the recycling center this morning. I managed to book a slot at the SBC recycling center this morning and I have to say the whole system works extremely well. I didn’t have to queue to get in, just had to wait a few minutes to get a space to unload the car.

Things still left to do………….

An update on progress so far
  1. Bath Fudge
    1. Done
  2. Book the Dog Walker
    1. Done
  3. Book the Dog Groomer
    1. Done
  4. Order new insulin pump supplies, that’s sort of a priority
    1. Done
  5. Clean the inside of the car – a possibility
    1. Started it, but need to a bit more
  6. The ironing – an even more remote possibility
    1. Started it, but need to do a bit more
      1. Note to self – stop treating the new washing machine as brand new toy and playing it. It creates more work

I am sure there are a few other things on the list of things to be done.

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