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We had a lovely and much needed day by the sea
We had a lovely and much needed day by the sea

We had a lovely and much needed day by the sea

After the sad events of the last few days we had a much needed day by the seaside.

For us there is just something about being on a nice sandy beach with the waves just gently breaking on to the sea shore. It’s nice, calming, relaxing and refreshing to stroll along the seashore to start to take away your sadness, your worries and your stress.

What also helps being with our 1 year old Fudge and watching him go chasing after his ball as fast as he can, as it was the important thing in the world. What was also good was seeing him trying to find his ball in the loose sand, a good exercise and training for his sense of smell, his brain and good exercise all rolled into one. Fudge did over 29,000 steps today, whereas I only did 10,752 in comparison.

We walked from Alum Chine Beach to Bournemouth Pier and back again.

We of course I had the obligatory ice cream. It does matter what time of the year it is, what the weather is you have to have an ice cream when you are on the beach. In this case mine was a very nice 99.

Then of course, what trip to the seaside would be complete without a stick of rock.

Peace of Mind, Mindfulness

Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one can be very difficult, stressful and an emotional time.

Today had to be that day when I knew we had to come down Bournemenouth to spend the day by the beach and the sea air, to start to that process of coming to terms with the loss of our Father but also to have a joyous and an enjoyable day out.

My brother recently said….

A new dawn, a new day and a start of a new era as one era ends, another one begins

… and it’s true.

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