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Taking Care of Yourself is not Selfish
Taking Care of Yourself is not Selfish

Taking Care of Yourself is not Selfish

The importance of self care can never ever be underestimated.

Many people will tend to put the care of others before themselves. Which is really great that people will do. I would hate to live e in a society where people didn’t think of others and their needs.

However to look after and care for others you mustn’t forget to look after yourself. If you don’t, then there will come a point when you can’t care for others.

Pressure and Guilt

Sometimes pressure is put on by others for us to keep going. The pressure to keep going can take many forms. Sometimes that pressure can be from the business to get things done. We become or feel scared and worried about letting others down or the project not being delivered on time.

Sometimes it can be “guilt”, particularly when dealing with family members. This may be self inflicted, thinking you are not doing enough or you should be doing more. Sometimes it’s from the family member. Can you just do this, Can you just just do that, Can you just pop over, Can you ………???????

It is all too easy to just keep giving and going because we feel we have to, we ought to.

Over time everything can slowly and will build up to the point where it affects you.

It’s not about being selfish

There has to be times when you have to prioritise the care of yourself before others.

It’s not about being selfish, it is at times a necessity. If you don’t then there will be nothing to give to others. If you don’t, you could be on the receiving end of care from others. It is all too easy to neglect your own mental and physical health. We probably all do it because we see helping and be there for others we feel is more important.

Your Own Self Care

How you take care of yourself and your needs will vary. It will depend on your own situation and circumstances.

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