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A nice morning out.
A nice morning out.

A nice morning out.

Had a lovely morning out, starting with a nice ride through the Cotswolds to Broadway Tower. The countryside in the Cotswolds is beautiful. So I stopped on the Fosse Way just to stand there to take in the view on this lovely morning.

I did have a rather enjoyable ride up, some nice free flow roads and not to too much traffic. At times it can get busy with slower moving vehicles but the advantage with a motorbike is it is easier to overtake.

Broadway Tower

Broadway Tower is a historical folly set in 200 acres of countryside. I believe the tower was designed by James Wyatt and opened in 1799.

There is a very nice cafe, Morris & Brownie, which serves some very good coffee. You can, as I did, just sit out and admire the landscape. This morning the deer came down and they are always fascinating creatures to see. Alternatively, there are plenty of places to go for a walk – although not in full motorcycle gear.


Clouds and cloud formation can be fascinating things to see. I can often see different shapes in the sky and lets my imagination run riot sometimes. Whether it is imaging a whale swimming across the sky or just seeing the different patterns of light and shade, blink and you often miss it.

This morning the sun went behinds some clouds, as it did there were dramatic rays of light radiating out from behind the cloud.

The Return

As it was a lovely morning I thought I would take the long way back home. Going through some lovely Cotswold villages and the countryside.

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