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A 7.5 mile Walk
A 7.5 mile Walk

A 7.5 mile Walk

Went for a walk the other day in a lovely forest. The walk was challenging at times with some steep climbs and descents but it was a good enjoyable walk.

The countryside was beautiful, a mixture of commercial pine forest with deciduous woodland. There were rivers, streams and babbling brooks. Standing and just watching and listening to the sound of water flow over the rocks and the pebbles just leads you to moments of mindfulness.

The walk should have only been 4.5 miles but due to a wrong turn it ended up being 7.5 miles. However the extra 3 miles of retracing our steps didnt matter, as it was a chance to see the lovely countryside again.

The large pot of tea and cake, yes tea and not my usual coffee with cake was very welcome at the end.

It was a good walk and being able to achieve 7.5 miles in one go was a remarkable achievement for both me and Fudge. I don’t think Fudge has walked so far in a single walk.

I don’t know where Fudge gets his energy from. He should have been shattered but within a couple of hours of getting back he was chasing a couple of rabbits in the local field. He was going full pelt. BTW Rabbits 1 Fudge 0.

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