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Thank you
Thank you

Thank you

We would like to thank everybody who came to Jim’s funeral at Wimborne Minster on Thursday 3rd February 2022.

It meant a great deal to us as a family to see so many people in the Minster and at the reception afterwards. Although Jim never openly liked a fuss, we know he would have greatly appreciated that so many of the people who knew him came to the service to say using his words “Cherrio For Now

Whether you have known him for 40 plus years or only for a couple of months. It was so very heart warming to hear all the stories about Jim and what he meant to you. To learn about all of the things he did for others, whether it was fixing a chair, offering advice on gardening or just being there for people when they needed somebody. We also learnt all about the good works and the fund raising he did charities over the decades.

Your stories, your tales of Jim made us so proud of him – A practical, pragmatic man with a kind heart and generous soul.

So thank you to everybody who came and to those who couldn’t make but expressed their wishes, which helped a provide a very fitting tribute to Jim.

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