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Simply Red
Simply Red

Simply Red

Went to see Simply Red in concert the other night and it was a brilliant concert, thoroughly enjoyed it.

The concert was being held in the grounds of Longleat Longleat Safari and Adventure Park, right next to the main house.

Originally I had tickets to Simply Red, as part of their grand farewell tour back in 2006. However, I wasn’t able to make, something to do with being in hospital following an accident, see 17th June 2006 – the day my life changed forever…… So I didn’t think I would ever have the pleasure of seeing them perform.

A few years ago we heard they were touring again and I was treated to tickets to see them perform in Cardiff. Then the Covid pandemic struck, just my luck!!!!! Fortunately the concert tickets were transferred to Longleat this year and I have to say it was worth the 16 year wait to see them perform.

Our next concert is seeing the super mega star that is Diana Ross and the following evening is Tears for Fears.

So looking forward to both of these concerts.

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