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It’s been far too long…………….
It’s been far too long…………….

It’s been far too long…………….

It’s been far too long since my motorbike was on the road, I am so looking forward to be back out on the open road and having the sense of freedom a motorbike gives you.

I have taken Friday off work, so I could get the GR1400 serviced and MoT’d, so we can be road legal. Then the plan is to go out for a ride.

Today is a very poignant day, as today 16 years ago is when I had my accident. So a bit of mixed feelings, but generally positive. Positive because I have made such a remarkable recovery and that I can get out and ride the motorbike pain free and have the sense of joy and freedom.

As it’s been a long time I will need to take it easy to get back into the stride of riding again, so some nice easy rides to start with a 60 mile round trip a very nice roadside cafe. The route included some of my favorite “Twistie” local roads, so that I could practise my riding skills

However, despite the temperature being in the thirties it is so unbelievably good to be out again. .

It’s difficult to explain what the sense of freedom riding a motorbike gives but I have missed it and I am looking forward to get that sense back.

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