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There is a piece of me missing!!!!!
There is a piece of me missing!!!!!

There is a piece of me missing!!!!!

There is a piece of me missing, and I would like you to come back please

I would like my drive, enthusiasm and enjoyment for my job to come back please. You’re greatly missed and I am struggling without you.

I feel drained, I feel tired, I feel lethargic with no drive, enthusiasm or enjoyment of my job. There is a part of me that just want to pack it all in, do something else or walk away just do nothing. How much I want to pack it that varies, from just a moment of wishful thinking to full blown plan to just stop and walk away.

The last 2 years have been challenging living and working because of the pandemic and not being able to do things we would normally do. I know during the last 2 years or so my workload has been horrendous at times and for sustained periods which has on a couple of occasions driven me to exhaustion.

The nature of my job has been changing over the last year or so. Making the transition from the old to the new can be challenging. At times you are trying to do to do two jobs, as you try to leave one behind and start the new role. I am starting to work in other areas, which suit me. However, with the new role comes areas that I have absolutely no interest in or would want to deal with.

Outside of Work

I know I have had a difficult 5-6 months with my father being diagnosed with cancer. His passing away earlier this year, his funeral and selling what was our family home.

Living through the Covid pandemic has meant not being able to do things that we used to do on a fairly regular basis. Now the restrictions have eased I don’t feel like going back to do those again.

The weather over the last couple of months hasn’t been that great at times, particularly at weekends. So going out into the countryside for longs walks hasn’t been possible.

The Questions are?

  • How do I find what is missing?
  • How do I find my drive, enthusiasm and enjoyment for work?

What are the answers?

  • Do I just need to give myself time?
  • Do I need to do things in a different way?
  • Do I need to do something different outside of work?
  • Do I need a different role ?
  • Do I need a completely different job?

There are only solutions

My tag line is “There are only solutions” and I know there always is one, sometimes several of them. But at the moment I am not sure what the solution is or how to find them – which isn’t like me.

What I do know is I need to find the missing piece of me.

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