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Not the day I was expecting……..
Not the day I was expecting……..

Not the day I was expecting……..

At the beginning of the day, I was wondering what I was going to be doing……

This morning, I looked at the weather forecast and it said 20% chance of rain. So not much chance of it raining then, so I thought it would be nice to go out for a long walk or potter about in the garden. I looked out the window and we had that 20% rain, which put a stop to the walk and pottering around the garden.

Just before lunch, I had a phone call from the residential home my Dad is living in. The nurse said she was extremely concerned about my father. He has been unwell for about a week, with a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and was onĀ  antibiotics. After nearly a week they didn’t seem to be working. There was a concern that the UTI was getting worse or that it could be something else. It could be his Lymphoma was starting to flare up again or it could be something like Sepsis.

They had called NHS 111, and the GP said they would call the paramedics, with a view of taking him to hospital.

Given it would take a while for the paramedic to see my Dad and to help manage the stress of all of this I thought I would take Fudge out for a walk. Given all of the rain in the morning it was an absolute mud bath, slipping sliding everywhere. Then the little monkey decided to pick up and eat a plastic bag full of pooh – urrgh!!!

Fudge is being a right monkey!!!!

He seems to think it’s a game, he would just ignore commands to drop or leave it, he wouldn’t come when called and I couldn’t catch him. I just had to watch in horror as he swallowed whole. I am just worried that it would get stuck in his system, which would mean the vets. Let’s hope it passes straight through.

Right in the middle of trying to deal with Fudge the Paramedics called me. After various discussions, it was decided he didn’t need to go to hospital. They had hoped to put him a different antibiotic, but for various reasons they couldn’t. The plan in the end was for a GP to see my Dad on Tuesday.

By this time I am just thinking this really wasn’t the sort of day I was expecting or had planned

In the afternoon, my blood glucose levels decided to do their own thing and shoot up through the roof. It’s like the body had just dumped a whole load of glucose into my system.

Not sure why, but its most likely having to deal with making sure my Dad was going to get the most appropriate treatment + worrying about Fudge and pooh bags. I don’t why but it took a lot of insulin and a long time for the levels to come back down again and of course with high sugar levels you tend to feel crap.

Now I am really thinking this wasn’t the sort of day I was expecting or had planned !!!!

I fingers crossed, let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.

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