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My brain is doing my head in
My brain is doing my head in

My brain is doing my head in

My brain is driving me crazy thinking about a lot of things and it is doing my head in and I wish it would stop.

Not Real

Most of things going through my head aren’t real, they are made up or loosely based on facts.

Thinking about things and conversations that have happened over the last few days, and it’s all work related.

Making up worst case scenario’s

My brain is over thinking things, making up worst case scenario’s and conversations which aren’t ever likely to happen.

It’s not the first time, but it’s been a while.

Worrying about nothing!!!!

I am worrying about nothing again.

Where is the Reset switch?

I just need my brain to stop over thinking these things, so where is the off switch or the reset switch?.

I need a distraction to reset my brain, to start thinking about and enjoying other things and not to worry about all of the imaginary things.

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