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I need a change!!!!!
I need a change!!!!!

I need a change!!!!!

I have got to the point where I have had enough of what I am doing at work and I feel I need a change!!!

What I can’t figure out what the change or changes should be??

I used to really enjoy my job until the beginning of this year. These are the things I enjoyed:

  • I like finding solutions.
  • I liked being involved with the design and engineering aspects of projects
  • I liked the satisfaction of seeing projects being delivered
  • I liked the developing the strategic aspects of developing the business
  • I liked seeing the business grow

The company I work is really good to work for and the way they regard and treat their staff. They are probably the best company I have worked for. However, since the beginning of the year it has been a terrible year, both inside and outside of work.

There has been a slow and steady decline in terms of enjoying my job. I have got to the point of just wanting to pack my bags and walk away. I have just become so disenchanted, and I feel there is a need for a change, however, I not sure what that change would look like?

What are the options?

  • Carry on as I am
    • Hope things improve, but that may not solve the problem
  • Change roles
    • But I am not sure what that would be or look like, but it could work?
  • Change jobs
    • Same type of work, but different company
    • That could work, but it might only be a short term solution
  • Do something completely different
    • Photography
    • Professional Dog walker
    • Work in the voluntary or charitable sector
    • Making bespoke timber items

They say the Grass is always Greener

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side and as I am generally an optimistic person so it could be.

I do fancy becoming a Professional Dog Walker. Since the pandemic and the increase in dog ownership there is a demand for dog walkers and it’s not that difficult to set up a dog walking business. When the weather is nice, it can be really good to be out. The downside is having look after dogs which are problematic.

The other possible is making bespoke timber items, from timber planters, tables, chairs etc. I do enjoy working with timber, there is something satisfying about it. I already have most of the equipment I need, but at the moment I lack a decent workshop space.

It is something to give some serious thought to.

I need to give this some serious thought and you never know it could become a reality or another option may appear.


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