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Feeling a bit lost at the moment and……
Feeling a bit lost at the moment and……

Feeling a bit lost at the moment and……

I am wondering what to do

I have that dilemma on what to do. I know I should be doing something, but I don’t feel like doing anything. I don’t want to sit around doing nothing, as that would seem to be a waste of time, which would be a waste of a day. I don’t even feel like being a couch potato and binge watching something or other.

I just seem to be in limbo and I hate feeling like this.

We sadly lost our Dad last week. As far as my Dad’s stuff is concerned the wheels are in motion with organising the funeral and the wake. There are a few details to be sorted out, but that will happen next week. The solicitors are working on the sale of the house, we are just waiting for a revised contract to be drawn up. I have been though his paperwork, which goes back years, and we have everything we need to move things forward.

Stuff around the house

I have a list of things to do around the house, but I don’t really feel in the mood to do them. I know I will regret it if I don’t do them or at least make a start on them.

The weather is reasonable, but I don’t feel like taking Fudge out for a walk.

I know what will happen next week.

Next week will be absolutely manic work wise, but I know will also be inundated with other stuff. I know I will end up saying I just have the time to do all of it.

Bouncing Blood Glucose Levels Doesn’t Help

Of course it doesn’t help when your blood glucose levels are bouncing around. Not dangerously out of control, but just bouncing around. This means having to take more than normal time to manage them, which just hacks me off, which doesn;t help my mood.

My motivation just seems to have up and left

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