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An Invasion of Ants
An Invasion of Ants

An Invasion of Ants

For some reason we have had an invasion of ants in the kitchen!!!!!

I am not sure what has changed that has lead the ants to decide to come indoors. We did have some heavy rain and thunderstorms the other day, so I don’t know if that was the trigger?

The difficulty is working out where they are coming in from? It isn’t always obvious

We bought this over 4 years ago and shortly afterwards we had an ant invasion and it took a week or so to figure out where they were coming in. Eventually we tracked it down to the incoming water main. There was a gap between the water main and where it comes into the house. So looking for a humane way to keep them out we sealed the gap with some expanding foam, the alternative was to try and tack down the nest and use an Ant Killer.

I don’t mind ants, they are industrious and clever and I am happy for them to inhabit the garden and the world outside of the house. But I just wish they would stay outside of the house.

So at the moment I am on Ant watch to try and figure where they are coming in. If I can’t figure it out it will be Ant Killer spray.


Just a quick update. The ants seem to have disappeared, not sure why but hopefully from now on they will stay outside – fingers crossed.

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