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A very worn out Fudge
A very worn out Fudge

A very worn out Fudge

We have a very worn out, if not an exhausted Fudge.

Fudge, our 16 month old Cockapoo, always seened to have endless energy. Whether we were out walking, swimming or playing chase the ball on the beach.

For the last two weeks we have been on holiday. During that time we have had a fairly active time and Fudge has always been by our side.

We did a readonable amount walking, including an 8 mile and a 7.5 mile walk. Walking around castles, towns and villages. Sitting patiently in coffee shops watching the world go by as we had our coffee and cake.

Fudge even had a trip out on boat, so we could could see puffins, shags, gannets, artic turns, grey seals. He did really well on the boat, he took it in his stride and even ended up sitting on two other passengers laps.

Fudge absolutely loves the beach. As soon as he gets a scent if sea air he is a desperate to get down to the beach. So we have spent hours on the beach, normally playing chase the ball. He also went swimming in the sea, usually to retrieve to his ball.

Fudge absolutely loves to play chase and find the ball. He becomes totally focused on his tennis ball, all he wants to do is chase, find and retrieve his ball. If he could he would do it all day long. So given the time we spent on beaches he did a lot of running.

So at the end of our two week holiday Fudge has had a extremely active time. So much so he has spent the last two days resting and recovering. Basically sleeping all day long and reluctant to go out for a walk. Normally he isn’t reluctant to go out for a walk.

Although we didn’t think it possible but I think we managed to wear him out. Aftwr the ladt two days of rest he is just about now starting to get back to normal.

So in the next day or two he will no doubt be pestering us to play with his toys and show an eagerness to go for walks again.

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