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A sad but fond farewell.
A sad but fond farewell.

A sad but fond farewell.

It is with deep regret and sadness I have to report my long and faithful friend. They have been with me since 24 June 2011 is no longer going to accompany me on my trips out.

They have been with me since the Costa Coffee Drive Thru opened (the 2nd one in the country to open). Together we have covered many miles in all weathers and conditions, they even put up with the indignity of having to carry bottled water and Starbucks coffee.

To some it was known as the “fastest coffee cup holder in the west”.

They had a strong connection, some would say a permanent connection to the Kawasali GTR 1400. But since I traded the GTR in for the Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro they have decided enough is enough and are looking for a new home.

It is doesn’t mind travelling, as it has been around a lot of the UK and has had several trips to Europe. It is looking for somewhere where it would fit in better, be better treated and appreciated.

A word of warning, it prefers Costa’s and can get a bit grumpy if you have a Starbuck’s. It will tolerate carrying bottled water, but you have to talk nicely to it.

It is a bit scruffy, but so would you be after 11 years and over 30,000 miles.

The Back Story to the Coffee Cup Holder

In June 2011 Costa Coffee where building a brand new Drive Thru. I used to drive past each day, watching it being built.

My warped sense of humour said it wouldn’t be interesting on the day of opening to ride through the Drive Thru on my motorbike and order a coffee and see what reaction I would get.

If I am going to do that I need something to put the take away cup in – uhmm!!!

I started searching the internet and eventually found a RAM Mount Drinks Holder, designed for ATV’s . I thought that would do and ordered on. I fitted it the crash/protection bars on the Kawasaki 1400 GTR.

On the day after the grand opening, 25th May 2011, I rode up to the Costa Drive Thru. I ordered my usual Latte and proceeded to the collection window. The person behind the counter handed me my drink without batting an eyelid. I put the drink in the holder and promptly drove round to the car park.

It was a bit of a disappointment that I didn’t get a a reaction. I thought they would have said something, given this was the only second Drive-Thru in his country, so it is unlikely anybody else would have done it.

A really useful addition

Over the years, it has been a really useful addition. More often or not it has bottled water in it and on a long group ride it has been handy to stop, reach down have a quick drink before carrying on. It saves all the hassle of having to get off the bike, open the pannier, have a drink and put all back again.

I have even had the thumbs up from some Police Motorcyclists.

Me without coffee!!!!!

Don’t be daft, I haven’t completely lost my mind – well at least not yet!!!!!

I do have a brand new Coffee Cup Holder that fits the new Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro very nicely

It has been road tested up to the national speed limit and it works very well.

So I am looking forward to a long lasting journey with my coffee cup holder.

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