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A Puncture in the Rear Tyre!!!!!
A Puncture in the Rear Tyre!!!!!

A Puncture in the Rear Tyre!!!!!

I went out for a half day group ride on Sunday. We stared at Melksham with a planned stop at Dobbies Garden Centre @ Gloucester for Coffee and Cake. It was a very good ride through the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire countryside, certainly the coffee and cake were greatly appreciated as the outside temperatures being around a nice balmy 4 Deg C.

Shortly after leaving the garden centre the Tyre Pressure Sensor suddenly flashed on low tyre pressure. I am thinking What the !!!!!!. I checked the display it was indicating the tyre pressure had dropped 10psi ie I had a puncture!!!!!!!

I found somewhere to stop, a bus layby, and checked the rear tyre. I found a 50mm (2 inch) screw well and truly embedded in the rear tyre.

Rear Tyre Puncture
Rear Tyre Puncture

The Temporary Repair


So after a few expletives I thought I could undertake a temporary repair. I always carry a puncture repair kit on the motorbike.

So I had to use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw from the tyre. I tried to proceed with the repair but due to the nature of the tyre construction I found it impossible. Try as I might I couldn’t get the mushroom plug inserted to seal the hole. The issue was the steel belt construction was stopping the plug tool getting through. I spent a good 30-40 minutes trying, but it wasn’t having it.


In the end, I placed a call to the RAC. I said I had a puncture in the rear tyre, which required a temporary repair and that I did NOT require recovery. I was advised it could be 3 hours before they could attend. A few under my breath expletives given it was 4 deg, thank goodness for a heated vest to keep the cold out and coffee

15 minutes later I get call from the RAC Call Centre. The operator said “they understand I need to replace a tyre on my vehicle, but I don’t have a spare”. I am not sure how how having puncture in need of repair translated to replacing a wheel with a spare that I don’t have????

I explained the situation and the RAC vans carry a puncture repair kit. I also managed to get treated a priority call.

A short while later I get a call from Brian, the RAC technician in the van who said he would be with me in 15 minutes. Brian is a really great and enthusiastic individual, who really enjoys his job. When he arrived, even he struggled to repair the puncture but 15 minutes later it was all done and dusted. A quick check ride to confirm we were good to go.

The Journey Back

I took the quickest route back home and the repair help up.

The kindness of strangers

A man in a white van stopped and three local residents approached me, while I was trying to repair the puncture. All of them asked if there was anything they could do or if there was anything I needed. They said if I needed anything is just to let them know.

The kindness of these strangers does restore and confirms one’s faith in humanity and how kind and generous people can be with strangers.

The Permanent Repair / Replacement Tyre

The following day, Monday, I take my motorbike down to my local Motorbike Garage (Bike Treads) to see what they could do. I have always used them for new tyres and/or undertaking puncture repairs. They are renowned for their good service.

They inspected the tyre and said it couldn’t be repaired, as it was too close to the edge of what was permitted. I knew it was going to touch and go on whether they could or not. So its a brand new tyre at a cost f £160 fitted. There were a few under the breath expletives, as the existing tyre was relatively new it still had a good few thousand miles left on it.

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