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A New Beginning……
A New Beginning……

A New Beginning……

Well the 1st October is the start of a new beginning and I have no idea where the journey is going to take me?

Back in June I decided I needed a change, see “I need a Change”. So, at the end of June I reluctantly decided to “Take the Next Step” and handed my notice in. I finished work on Friday 30th September 2022 and I am now taking a step into the unknown.

So where is life’s journey is going to take me?

To be honest, I don’t know where this journey is going to take me. The thing is I have no idea what that will look like, which sort of scares me a bit, then again, it doesn’t. I think it will be intriguing and exciting to see what unfolds.

What I do know is I plan to take a break for a couple of months.

I have a list of things I want to do, which includes tidying up/clearing out the garage, going out for longish walks with Fudge, go out more often on the motorbike, see whether I can get back into photography again and a few other mundane things like being able to go to the gym on a regular basis.

Who knows what the New Year will bring?

The next couple of months will give me an opportunity to have a think about what would like to do. I know there will be opportunities to do some consultancy work, which on a part time basis I think would enjoy.

Having been involved in the voluntary sector for many years, I know there are plenty of opportunities in my area. Whether it is utilising my skills and experience in Civil Engineering or as a trustee or just doing something completely different. I enjoy working with wood and building things, so I might see what woodworking projects I can come up with.

I think it would be good to do some further learning. The Open University offers a wide range of free courses and one or two have taken my fancy.

As long as I enjoy it

I have no idea how the future is going to unfold. But, as long as I enjoy it, I find it interesting and rewarding than I will be fine with that.

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