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A Boxing Day Walk.
A Boxing Day Walk.

A Boxing Day Walk.

A lovely, if not a rather muddy, 4.5 mile Boxing Day walk this afternoon.

The countryside around the Ridgeway and Ashdown is rather beautiful, on a foggy afternoon it was so peaceful and quiet. Ashdown House is surrounded by some beautiful woodland. There is just something about walking through woodlands.

Although it is winter, there is just something about walking through woodlands. The rustling of the autumn leaves as you walk between the trees, admiring their bare naked structure and form. The peace and quiet, only interrupted by the call of an unknown bird and a rustle of the undergrowth.

Walking back, we stopped to admire a herd of deer. It was an amazing sight to see 50 to 60 deer walking across the farmers’ field. Within a few minutes, they just seem to have merged back into the countryside.

A walk isn’t a walk without Fudge

Fudge had a great time exploring the countryside, picking up scents and following his nose.

Wondering off exploring, only to come charging back to find us. Or going off chasing a scent, barking as though he was chasing something.

As it was wet and muddy, Fudge came home absolutely caked in mud, it took two baths to get him clean.

Now he is fast asleep, exhausted from today’s activities.

BTW, somebody, but not me, lost Fudge’s lead and had to go back into the woods to find it

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