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500 out of the 600 miles completed
500 out of the 600 miles completed

500 out of the 600 miles completed

I had a 4 day weekend to pick up my Blue Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro and start the running in process. At the end of the long weekend I am two thirds way through the running process,which is pretty good going.

The Running In Phase

I am now in the third phase of running in, the engine is now allowed to rev up to 6,000 revs and that makes a big difference.

This means I can now start riding the bike like it supposed to be ridden. I can easily achieve the national speed limit in third or fourth gear, rather than having to slowly crawl up through the gears to get there.

Rider Mode

Today, I had the opportunity to try out one of the other Rider Modes.

There was some very light rain this morning. Normally I wouldn’t be too worried about it once the tyres had warmed up. I thought it, would it would be a good opportunity to try the “Rain” rider mode. As the bike is so new to me it was difficult to tell the difference, but I will wait until we have some more wet weather.

The only issue

In my last post I mentioned that I was having difficulty getting on and off the bike. I am having to lift my right leg over the seat and the panniers, which isn’t very graceful and it takes a lot of a physical effort.

I had a session with my personal trainer this week, I love setting her challenges. She is thinking and busily devising a series of exercises which will help. Whilst I am looking forward to things improving, I am not looking forward to exercises she is going to dream up for me. That is the consequence of setting her challenges.

Interestingly, on the Tiger motocycle forum, it would appear I am not the only one who has issues getting on and off the Tiger. Which is reassuring.


This weekend I have a 120 mile ride to a nice cafe on a small airfield, with some fellow motorcycle friends. It would be good to catch up with them as I haven’t seen most of them due to the pandemic.

By the time I get back from this ride, I would have achieved the requisite mileage for the bike first service

So far so Good

I am now really starting to enjoy riding the bike. I am starting to enjoy thinking about and planning rides out.

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